Dickson Welcomes Plans to Expand Free Flu Jab This Winter

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed news from the Department of Health that the flu vaccination programme is to be expanded to protect vulnerable people, and help relieve pressure on the health system this winter, due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

Mr Dickson commented: “Given that capacity in our health system may be vital to secure this winter, and in the absence of an approved Covid-19 vaccine, I welcome the decision to offer a free flu jab to more people this year, starting in September.

“As we know, Covid-19 can have symptoms similar to the flu which could cause difficulties in tracking the virus. It is also important to avoid the potential danger of infection with both Covid-19 and flu at the same time, which could cause more severe illness.

“I would recommend that everyone who is offered the free flu vaccination this year to take it up to help protect themselves and others from the flu, but also keep pressure off our health system at such an important time.”

More information, including the groups eligible can be found here: https://www.health-ni.gov.uk/news/flu-vaccination-programme-be-expanded

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