Dickson Encourages People to Sign Up as Bone Marrow Donors to Save Lives

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has encouraged people to sign up as bone marrow donors to help save lives.

Mr Dickson commented: “Unfortunately, this year saw 19,000 fewer people sign up as bone marrow donors. This means fewer potential donors that could match with people with blood cancers that desperately need bone marrow or stem cell transplants.

“About 30% of people are able to get a transplant from a family member, but the remaining 70% must rely on a donation from a stranger. That is why signing up to the register can be so important to help save someone’s life.

“Anyone aged 16-30 that meets the health criteria can sign up, but men aged 16-30 in particular are being encouraged to join as they provide over 55% of donations, but make up only 16% of the register. I would also encourage anyone, even if they fall outside the 16-30 donor age range, to visit the Anthony Nolan website and see how they can help support people with blood cancers and their families.”

For more information on joining the register, please visit: https://www.anthonynolan.org/8-ways-you-could-save-life/donate-your-stem-cells/who-can-join-register

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