Dickson Welcomes New Helpline for Parents

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed a new free helpline for parents in Northern Ireland.

Parentline NI is a free service providing advice, support or guidance to people caring for children. Calls are answered by qualified and experienced staff with 'a commitment to putting children and families first'.

Mr Dickson commented: “This is a great initiative to help parents out with questions or concerns they may have about caring for children. The service can offer useful resources and options suited to your needs, and support workers may even suggest referrals to services in your area.

“Many parents may feel uneasy about asking questions, but now Parentline will make it easier to find guidance on diverse issues such as child behaviour, child contact issues, teenage behaviour, separation and family tensions, so I recommend a call if you have concerns.”

You can contact Parentline for free on: 0808 8020 400, or for more information go to: http://www.ci-ni.org.uk/parentline-ni

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