Dickson Opposes Additional Hazardous Substances at Cloghan Point

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has stated his opposition to the granting of ‘Hazardous Substance Consent’ to store additional fuels, including ethanol, gasoline and jet fuel at Cloghan Point near Whitehead.

Mr Dickson commented: “The Health and Safety Executive has already raised concerns regarding the rail passenger traffic that passes by the site, and I would share such serious concerns. It seems to me that Cloghan Point is too close to homes and the railway line for this change of use. Originally the site was built to store heavy duty oil to be pumped via pipeline to Kilroot Power Station. It was never envisioned as a storage facility for fuel tanker delivery.

I fear these substances could be moved by road through the already congested and narrow roads of surrounding towns, including Whitehead and from Eden all the way to the Westlink.

Consequently, I would strongly oppose any future development at Cloghan Point as it would be inappropriate for local residents, roads and the surrounding environment.

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