Dickson Says ‘Farms Not Factories’ are Best for Communities and Food Welfare

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has helped launch a film criticising intensive industrial meat production in Northern Ireland, saying we should be aiming for ‘Farms, not Factories’ when it comes to agrifood.

Mr Dickson was speaking after the screening of Pig Business in Northern Ireland at Parliament Buildings, which shows the impact the farms can have on neighbouring communities. Proposed ‘mega farms’ are planned for parts of Northern Ireland, with the factories designed to house around 20,000 pigs each.

“This documentary is an opportunity to showcase the impact these farms will have on residents, whose lives will be afflicted by the emissions pumped out round the clock, while picturesque surroundings will be blighted by huge industrial operations,” said Mr Dickson.

“I was pleased to help launch this film and would encourage everyone to watch it to see for themselves the threat to public health the toxic brew of allergens, fungi, viruses, and bacteria can pose.”

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