Awareness is Key to Avoiding Scams –Dickson

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has encouraged East Antrim residents to be vigilant when it comes to scams.

Mr Dickson commented: “Scam artists are becoming more and more sophisticated in their attempts to take money off honest people, through the internet, on the phone, and even on the doorstep.

“However, we can stay ahead of scammers by being ‘Scamwise’, which is the name of the joint initiative between the PSNI, NI Policing Board, Department of Justice, the Commissioner for Older People, the Consumer Council, Trading Standards and Age Sector Platform.

“Scamwise is a platform where people can access information about current scams, and learn how to avoid becoming a victim of these criminals.

"Ultimately, scammers will seek out the most vulnerable, so it is vital to stay informed on current scams and share information with others.

“I strongly recommend local people connect with Scamwise NI on Facebook, and Scamwise on NI Direct to keep up to date on scams and how to avoid them."

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