Dickson Encourages Reponses to Taxi Services Survey

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has encouraged people to 'make their views known' in a Department for Infrastructure’s taxi survey to find out the experiences of older and disabled people when using taxis.

The survey was developed by the Department for Infrastructure with input from Imtac, with the findings of the survey to be used to inform future changes to taxi regulation in Northern Ireland. The closing date for responses to the survey is the 24th August 2018.

Mr Dickson commented: 'Taxis are a flexible and useful way for people to travel, and often those without cars rely upon them daily, especially in areas with poor public transport. Therefore, I strongly urge older people and those with disabilities to express their views, to help make taxi services more accessible and useful for the future.'

To access the survey click here.

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