Dickson Welcomes Healthcare Initiative

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed news of a new healthcare initiative.

The new initiative aims to create a single digital health and social care record for everyone in Northern Ireland, to replace the variety of older IT systems currently used to keep records.

Mr Dickson commented: “This is good news for all the residents of East Antrim, as this step towards modernisation will improve efficiency for our health service, allowing healthcare professionals to more speedily give patients the care and treatment they require.

“Healthcare professionals will now be able to access their clients’ records without having to wade through a variety of outdated systems. Patients will also be able to access their own records safely and securely, which will be a great aid to those who need it.”


For more information, please contact Noel Williams on 028 9335 0286 or at noel.williams@party.niassembly.gov.uk

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