Dickson Urges Renewal of Childcare Vouchers Scheme

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, urges MPs to vote in favour of renewing and extending the Childcare Vouchers Scheme in the upcoming vote in October.

The scheme, which was extended for another six months in March, is designed to help parents pay for childcare, but is facing closure again in October.

Mr Dickson remarked: “Many working parents are struggling to find room in their budgets for childcare. The Childcare Vouchers Scheme can help with that by allowing them to reserve a portion of their salary for childcare and make it tax-free, saving up to £933 each year.

“I congratulate Employers for Childcare on their lobbying efforts, which helped secure the six-month extension in March, and fully support them in their campaign to renew the scheme again in October. I hope that MPs in the House of Commons will see the good that this scheme does and will consider the harmful consequences of voting against its continuation.”

More information on childcare vouchers and the campaign to save them can be found on Employers for Childcare’s website at https://www.employersforchildcare.org/


For more information, please contact Noel Williams on 028 9335 0286 or at noel.williams@party.niassembly.gov.uk

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