Slurry and Pig Farm Spreading Smells, what to do If You Want to Complain

Do you live in the areas of Monkstown, Jordanstown, Greenisland, Trooperslane or other areas that have been affected by an unpleasant odour, such as Pig Farms or the spreading of farm slurry?

If this is the case, then there is a procedure for complaints should you wish to do so. The response from the Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council Department of Environmental Health to this issue can be viewed below:

“In terms of the response by statutory agencies, this is dependent on the source of odour i.e. whether it is from the pig farm itself or from the spreading of slurry on fields in your area. Agricultural activities undertaken within the pig farm are subject to conditions laid down in a permit, issued and regulated by Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

Odour arising from the spreading of slurry falls outside the scope of NIEA regulation and will be investigated by Environmental Health under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (NI) 2011.

Odours from agricultural practices such as slurry spreading can often cause annoyance for a number of days following application. However, due to the transient nature of the odour, it can be difficult to prove existence of a statutory nuisance. Article 65 of the places an obligation on a district council to serve a Statutory Notice, where a nuisance exists. In order to prove that a nuisance does exist, then evidence relating to the duration, frequency of events and intrusiveness of the odour must be obtained from those on whom the potential nuisance has an impact. This is why it is important to gather the information requested in a Log so that such a pattern of frequency, intensity and duration can be established.”

If you want to complain, the Council’s Department of Environmental Health asks that you fill in their Complaints Form which can be downloaded, here.

If you wish to remain anonymous when lodging your complaint, then an anonymity form is also available here.

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