Dickson Welcomes Expansion at Mossley West Park and Ride

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson has welcomed further commitment from Translink that they intend to expand the Park and Ride facilities at Mossley West Halt.

Mr Dickson commented: “At the recent Alliance Party Conference, I had the opportunity to question Translink on the problem of severely lacking parking spaces at the station.

“They have responded with concrete commitments to expand the spaces considerably. Translink have appointed a team of consultants who are currently carrying out traffic modelling studies in the area in support of the project, and expect to bid for funding for the project in June.

“In recent months, many East Antrim residents who use the halt have been frustrated by the lack of spaces, delaying or cancelling their journeys altogether. Fixing this, is not only good for commuters, but also for the environment and a healthy commercial decision for Translink.”

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