Department Ducking Gritting Responsibilities - Dickson

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has expressed his frustration at the Department for Infrastructure for their refusal to meet basic gritting obligations in Larne.

The issue relates specifically to Kilyglen Link in Larne, which despite high traffic levels, and being on a bus route, has remained untreated and dangerously icy over the past few weeks.

Mr Dickson commented: “I, and a local Alliance Campaigner, Danny Donnelly, have contacted the Department regarding the hazardous situation on the Kilyglen, only for the issue to be casually dismissed.

“In general, the level of traffic required for a route to be salted is 1,500 cars a day, the Department acknowledged that the Kilyglen Link exceeds this, and the fact that the road is also on a bus route. Nonetheless, they have refused to put safety first and instead, point to other ‘parallel salted routes’ for traffic to use.

“This is nonsensical, to the people living off the Kilyglen Link, and bus users, what is their alternative route? Furthermore, does the Department expect other road users to use ‘alternative routes’ when they have no information on which main routes are being salted, and which are being left out?

“It is clear to me that this road needs to be treated, it is on a slope, has a high level of traffic, and is on a bus route, before we see a serious accident. I understand that everywhere cannot be gritted, but the ‘shifting of the goalposts’ in this case is a false economy and the residents of the area deserve better.”

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