Dickson Raises Awareness for World Heart Day 2017

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, is helping to raise awareness for woman with heart conditions in Northern Ireland to mark World Heart Day 2017.

Mr Dickson commented: “Sadly, nearly 2000 women in Northern Ireland are dying from conditions such as heart attack and stroke each year. These figures dispel the myth that heart disease is a ‘man’s disease’, and show that much more research is needed, to better prevent, diagnose and treat heart problems.

“There is a growing burden in Northern Ireland, in terms of heart and circulatory disease with over 225,000 people living with it every day, around 100,000 of which are women.

“I would encourage anyone who can to donate to the British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland (BHFNI). Currently BHFNI invests £2.5 million in Northern Ireland in cardiovascular research and with greater support the higher that figure will increase.”

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