Dickson Welcomes New “Gang” Taskforce, But Questions Remain

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, speaking on BBC Radio Ulster gave his view on the new PSNI, NCA and HMRC joint taskforce aimed at tackling organised and paramilitary crime.

The new taskforce has been given an annual budget of £5 million for the next 5 years in order to target around 100 paramilitary and criminal gangs.

Commenting on this taskforce, Mr Dickson expressed concern that communities affected by such criminal activity will not feel safer unless visible progress is made.

“It will only change their lives when it things visibly change. When they see the police going into communities, and that all of a sudden the fancy new car that sits outside some drug dealer or money lender’s door is being put on the back of a low loader and taken away for crushing.”

He also expressed concern that, should the taskforce fail to make any significant progress, it will have been wasted money that could have been spent elsewhere.

“If it fails it will be £25 million that might have been spent better somewhere else.”

You can listen to Stewart Dickson and other commentators on this new initiative in this clip from Good Morning Ulster.

Click here to listen

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