Alliance Candidates Thank East Antrim Voters for their Support

The Alliance Party is celebrating a substantial increase in its vote in the election. The party gained almost 30,000 more votes than in the Assembly election last year and received its largest number of votes across Northern Ireland since 1979.

The Alliance candidates for East Antrim, Stewart Dickson and Danny Donnelly, received a total of 5996 first preference votes between them.

Stewart Dickson said: "I am honoured to have been an Alliance candidate in East Antrim and would like to thank the 4179 people who gave me their first preference votes, as well as the several thousand others who transferred votes to ensure I was elected. I am looking forward to getting back to business at Stormont and representing the best interests of East Antrim."

Danny Donnelly said: "I would like to thank the 1817 people who gave me their first preference vote and the almost 700 others who transferred to me. This gives me a good base to build on for the future and I will work to build that support further. I congratulate Stewart on his election.

"The support Alliance has received has shown we can provide an alternative that people want away from tribal orange and green politics. There was a clear message on the doorsteps that people were frustrated and angry at the current political situation. I would urge everyone to get involved with Alliance in changing our society into what we want it to be."

Stewart Dickson concluded: "Our Assembly talks team is ready to go, there is no reason why we can’t get things restored right away. Agreeing a Budget is the priority. We have to get devolution up and running as a matter of urgency as there are people and organisations unable to plan for the future.

"There are important issues, such as Brexit, that can have negative impacts on all our lives. Alliance believes that our unique situation requires negotiation of special arrangements to secure our economic future. Our MLAs will continue to put the case for Northern Ireland at every opportunity.

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