Stewart Dickson MLA hosts Larne Grammar School Work Experience Pupil

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has expressed his delight in having a pupil from Larne Grammar School, who took part in three days of Work Experience in his constituency office.

David Balmer commented on how he enjoyed his time with the MLA. He spent time in Constituency office in Carrickfergus and also visited Stormont. He said: “I spent an afternoon in Stormont with Mr Dickson and got to witness a Committee meeting taking place, met some other party MLAs, representatives and staff and was able see what jobs MLAs do in their daily life.”

“As an A-level History student, I was interested in seeing how the Assembly functions, first hand. It was a great experience for me and one I would definitely recommend to others.”

Mr Dickson said: “This young student, who has a keen interest in politics, was excited and interested in seeing what goes on at Stormont and going-ons in the Constituency Office at a local level. This included instruction on Casework tools, working on a press releases and seeing the issues local constituents usually come to their MLA about. He is a bright, articulate young man, who will, I feel sure, carve out a splendid career for himself.”

David concluded: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the MLA and it was very interesting to see the work done by the Alliance party. I also enjoyed going to Stormont as it is such a lovely building with so much history but there is also so much work that goes on within it. I’d like to thank Stewart Dickson and Noel Williams along with Jonny, Meadhbh, Daragh and Sharon for giving me the opportunity to take part during these few days and to help me understand what goes on within the party and to widen my knowledge on politics.”

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