Tory Mask Starting to Slip

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, in reacting to a speech at the Conservative Party Conference from Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, says the true face of the Tory party is starting to show with plans to make employers disclose what percentage of their workforce is non-British.

Mr Dickson said: "I am appalled at the plans from the Home Secretary to make employers publish a breakdown of the nationality of their workforce. Even suggesting they will name and shame companies who do not comply with this rule is unbelievable. Is the next move to make the workers themselves wear some identifying marker?

"The Tories are now showing their true attitude to migrant workers. The fact that the Home Secretary said these plans were about changing public opinion, about migrants after the Brexit vote, shows that this desperate move is a sign they are trying to win back voters who have switched to UKIP.

"I am pleased that major business organisations have quickly criticised the Home Secretary for these ill thought through plans. Employment levels across the UK are at record highs and migrant workers are a huge benefit to our economy. They do not take the jobs off local people. Firms who employ migrant workers are often the most successful because they recognise the invaluable skills brought here. I hope the Home Secretary realises the damage this plan can do and quickly drops it."

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