Help to Stop Covid With New Northern Ireland App

Northern Ireland's new Covid-19 contact tracing app has launched. Help reduce the spread of Covid-19, save lives and avoid another lockdown with this free app available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. For more informaton on how the app works, and how to download it visit:

Dickson Welcomes York Street Interchange Update, But Need to Avoid Further Delays

East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed an update from the Infrastructure Minister, on the York Street Interchange project. On Monday 27 July, the Minister announced that she is considering how best to proceed and future-proof the project. Mr Dickson said: “For decades the York Street Interchange has been bottleneck where the M2, M3 and Westlink meet. For commuters from East Antrim into Belfast, view of long tailbacks has been a source of frustration, but with a free-flowing junction, both traffic and freight, could move much more freely between Belfast and the constituency. So it is my hope we can avoid further delays to plans to upgrade the junction. “However, I understand and agree

Dickson Welcomes News of Youth Assembly and Encourages Participation from East Antrim

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed news that the Northern Ireland Assembly will establish a Youth Assembly, to give young people the opportunity to have their say on the important issues affecting Northern Ireland. Mr Dickson commented: “It really is important that we hear the voices of younger people when making policy and legislation, and so the establishment of a Youth Assembly will be a great platform for this. The details are yet to be decided, but the Assembly Commission wants to hear from young people on how it should work. “We also want the Youth Assembly to represent the diversity of modern Northern Ireland, so I would encourage people of all backgrounds to take

Williams Welcomes Reopening of Play Parks in the Borough

Mid and East Antrim Alliance Councillor, Noel Williams, has expressed his delight that Parks will open across the Borough from 10 July. Alderman Williams said: “Kids may be rushing to the parks in numbers following the three-month closures, however, I do hope they and parents will not simply ‘cram in regardless’ if there is not enough space to socially distance. They could come back at a later time, but it would be prudent to forewarn and make children aware that if that happens they can come back later, or on another day, after the excitement has died down. “The main thing is to be sensible and not visit a play park if someone at home has Covid-19 symptoms. “I would invite the public to be

Dickson Welcomes Diversification at Kilroot as Energy Park Announced

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed the announcement that there is to be major diversification on and near the Kilroot Power Station site. Mr Dickson commented: “Having had a personal brief from the company’s Commercial Director, Ian Luney, I look forward to the development there expanding over the coming months and years, as EPUKI moves Kilroot to a new flexible lower carbon gas generation which will be replacing the coal fired generation beyond 2023. “The whole gambit of energy technology will be developed from battery storage to the solar panel farm concept, in addition to conventional energy generation on and near the site.”

Dickson and Williams Call for Investment in Energy Efficiency in Northern Ireland

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, and his colleague Alderman Noel Williams, have called for considerable investment in energy efficiency in Northern Ireland to improve living standards, protect jobs and skills, as well as the environment. Mr Dickson commented: “This week the UK Government announced £3billion for energy efficiency projects in England. £2billion of this is to be spent on grants to households to improve their energy efficiency, with the remainder to be spent on improving the efficiency of public buildings and researching how to improve the energy efficiency of public housing stock. “Unfortunately, our housing stock is some of the most energy inefficient in Europe, but

Dickson Welcomes Job Support Plans but Local Schemes Needed Quickly

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed measures announced by the Chancellor to help protect jobs and increase consumer confidence. Mr Dickson commented: “This week the Chancellor published a number of UK Government interventions in ‘A Plan for Jobs’. Many of the schemes included are welcome and apply automatically to Northern Ireland. For example, a temporary cut to VAT to 5% for hospitality and tourism and a voucher scheme for meals, will help businesses get back up and running, as well as keep NI competitive with the Republic of Ireland, where VAT is already lower for hospitality. “In regards to the Jobs Retention Scheme, a bonus giving £1,000 to businesses who bring back

Dickson Welcomes Face Coverings Decision for Public Transport

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed an announcement that the Executive has agreed that face coverings should be compulsory when travelling on public transport from Friday 10th July. Mr Dickson commented: “Although we have come a long way in tackling the infection, Covid-19 is still present in Northern Ireland, so it is important that we all take precautions as we try to move back towards normality. Wearing face masks can help protect against the spread of the virus, and in the enclosed area of a bus or train, where distancing is also more difficult, they can help keep other passengers and staff safe. “The Department for Infrastructure is advising that any sort of covering

Cllr Williams Concerned for Safety on Quarry Cottages Cliff Path Whitehead

Mid and East Antrim Alliance Councillor, Noel Williams, a keen supporter of Public Rights of Way has, along with other councillors and Council Officers, inspected the Quarry Cottages path in Whitehead to see for himself the condition of the Cliff part of the path. Councillor Williams said: “Mid and East Antrim Council is committed to support the use of Rights of Way and this particular matter has come before the Direct Services Committee, of which I am the Vice Chair. “There have been a variety of issues regarding this path over the years. When a report was submitted to the Direct Services Committee, to establish whether Council should ‘Assert’ the path as a Right of Way, it was agreed that

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