Dickson Concerned by Potential Closures at Whiteabbey Hospital

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has expressed ‘great concern’ at proposed closures of Rehabilitation Services at Whiteabbey hospital. The Northern Health and Social Care Trust, in their efforts to cut spending by £13 million, has announced proposals to temporarily close the two rehabilitation wards, the associated day rehabilitation service at Whiteabbey Hospital, and despatch Trust employed staff to Antrim Hospital. Commenting on the proposed closures Mr Dickson said: “This is very concerning news. A significant loss in bed numbers for rehabilitation patients will have huge ramifications for other hospitals in the area. The Health Service is already under extreme pressure, and th

Stewart Dickson MLA Appalled at Potential Cuts to Health Services

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has expressed his ‘utter dismay’ at proposed cuts of up to £70 million to health services in Northern Ireland. On Thursday 25th August, the five health trusts each had an emergency meeting to discuss how services can be cut to meet a Health Department’s requirement to save £70 million, £13 million of which may come from the Northern Health Trust’s budget. Commenting on the emergency meetings Mr Dickson said: “We have already been through too many years of underfunding and missed opportunities to reform the Health Service, we cannot continue to neglect services - something has to give. “Health care personnel have been contacting my office and informi

Dickson Welcomes Public Consultation on Ferry Service Move

Stewart Dickson has welcomed the opening of a public consultation into the Isle of Man Ferry moving to the Port of Larne. The service currently operates bi-weekly out of Belfast’s Albert Dock. The move to Larne has been suggested because it could accommodate heavier vehicles such as vans, motor homes and coaches. Mr Dickson said: “This is great news for Larne and I fully support the public consultation that will take place “The Port of Larne is fully capable of taking on this service and I have no doubt it will be a success if implemented.” Stewart Dickson MLA

Dickson Critical of Eddie Girvan Court Decision

Stewart Dickson has expressed his disappointment at the verdict reached in the Eddie Girvan court case, questioning the breakdown of the sentence. Mr Dickson commented: “While obviously I am not privy to all the information the Judge had in coming to this decision, from the outside looking in it does appear the sentence does not match the crime committed. "The Attorney General has a responsibility to ensure the letter of the law is upheld and to review sentences where he sees fit. On the surface this sentence may fall into that category. "The Justice system not only has a duty to deliver justice for the victim and his family, but also to take steps to rehabilitate the offender, which also m

Dickson secures much needed faster broadband for Greenisland

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has played a hugely influential role in bringing ultrafast fibre-optic broadband to the Greenisland area. Following complaints, Mr Dickson contacted OFCOM regarding slow and inadequate broadband in the area. Mr Dickson subsequently began talks with Virgin Media who expressed their desire to set up an ultrafast broadband network and give citizens the opportunity to switch providers. Mr Dickson said: “This is an exciting opportunity for Greenisland residents and will allow them to experience faster broadband speeds that many households across the UK are currently enjoying. “I have been informed by representatives of Virgin Media that there will be min

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