Dickson leads European Delegation at Bosnia & Herzegovina Talks

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, who is the Rapporteur on Local and Regional Elections in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Vice President of the Monitoring Committee for Council of Europe, led the Council of Europe Delegation in the country last week (25-27 May). Mr Dickson is an expert in monitoring elections and has extensive experience in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Mr Dickson said: “I have travelled to the city of Mostar to hold talks to re-establish local government and elections. Mostar is a city, similar to Northern Ireland, where a divided community is seeking to build a shared future with a fair and open democratic system. “I was deeply honoured to be chosen to lead the Delegation in th

Dickson launches start of Social Enterprise NI Awards 2017

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, launched the opening of this year’s Social Enterprise Awards on Monday. Chair of the All Party Working Group for Social Enterprise, Mr Dickson was invited to launch the Awards with Seamus O’Prey, CEO of the ORTUS Group, and winners of last year’s Social Enterprise of the Year award. Mr Dickson said: “I was delighted to be invited to launch the 2017 Awards. I particularly enjoyed meeting Seamus O’Prey and learning about the valuable work of The Ortus Group. “The Awards represents how important it is to support and recognise the work carried out by social enterprises in Northern Ireland.” Mr Dickson concluded: “The Awards will be an opportunity to not

Dickson concerned at tree and fish deaths in Woodburn Forest

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has written to NI Water and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency to request action to resolve the serious problems that have materialised at Woodburn Forest and Dams. Mr Dickson said: “A number of constituents have contacted me to inform me that some newly planted trees and many fish in the reservoirs are dead. The trees had been planted to replace the trees that had been removed to facilitate the drilling project. “I have written to the relevant agencies to flag these issues and ascertain why this is happening and to take appropriate action to mitigate the losses. “Having worked hard to oppose the Drill Site at Woodburn Forest on environmental g

Prime Minister wrong on votes at 16, says Dickson

Alliance East Antrim Westminster candidate Stewart Dickson has said the Prime Minister is wrong to rule out lowering the voting age at General Elections to 16. Mr Dickson was speaking after Theresa May said she believed it was “right” to keep the current minimum voting age of 18 for future General Elections. However, Mr Dickson said that attitude meant young people were being denied the right to participate in the democratic process. “It has been a long-standing Alliance policy to reduce the voting age to 16, and we have previously supported calls for it in both Assembly and Westminster elections. It is a move which was especially successful in the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, w

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