Dickson to run for Alliance in East Antrim

Stewart Dickson MLA is to stand in the upcoming Westminster election, the Alliance Party has announced, after the local Association selected him on Wednesday night. The East Antrim MLA said he was looking forward to challenging the sitting MP Sammy Wilson, offering voters a progressive, pro-remain alternative to the status quo. Mr Dickson said: “I’m delighted to once again be able to represent the Alliance Party in East Antrim and look forward to engaging with voters over the issues that matter to them. “While the incumbent is set on assisting the Conservative Government deliver the hardest of Brexits, Alliance is fighting to ensure Northern Ireland gets the special deal it needs to ensure t

Dickson expresses concern after police officers assaulted

Alliance East Antrim MLA Stewart Dickson has expressed concern after a police officer suffered a broken ankle and another was punched in the face during an assault in Carrickfergus. The incident took place in the Victoria Road area around 7.15pm yesterday (Tuesday) after the officers responded to reports of a fight between two men. One of them subsequently struck out at the officers. A third officer suffered cuts and bruises. The 28-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of offences including assault on police, criminal damage and grievous bodily harm, and remains in custody. "This was an extremely concerning and appalling incident which must be condemned in the strongest poss

Dickson Welcomes Work of Pensioners Parliament

Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed the work of the Pensioners Parliament following a meeting in Stormont on Monday 24 April. At the meeting Dickson was elected Treasurer of the All Party Group on Aging and Older People. Dickson said: “I am delighted to be elected Treasurer with cross-party support. I have been working hard to promote the work Pensioners Parliament for some time. “In October I attend the Pensioners Parliament’s Session. I also represented Alliance at a Q&A panel on ‘A Programme for Government for an Aging Population?’ in December.” Dickson concluded: “Being elected Treasurer to the All Party Group on Older People gives me a platform to further promote the good work o

Town arson attacks need to stop now, says Dickson

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said a series of arson attacks in Larne need to stop before someone is killed. The East Antrim MLA was speaking after a car was driven into a house in the Killyglen Road area of the town this afternoon. The vehicle was burnt out, with damage caused to the front of the house. It follows a number of incidents, including the arson of several cars last weekend and the driving of a car into a hairdressing salon. "This is believed to be the latest in a series of incidents which have taken place recently in Larne," said Mr Dickson. "They need to stop and stop now before someone is injured or killed. This situation cannot be allowed to increase any further and I

Dickson: Larne attacks cannot be allowed to escalate further

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has strongly condemned those behind continued arson attacks in Larne. Describing the situation as 'extremely serious', the MLA for the area appealed for anyone with information to contact the police immediately, as premises in the town centre became the latest target of an attack. He said: "Arson is an extremely serious, dangerous crime and there can be no place for these sorts of violent incidents. "This is now a number of incidents we have seen take place in Larne, with the belief it is a fall-out between individuals which has now escalated. It cannot be allowed to increase further. I would urge anyone with information to speak to the police immediately. "Fire

Dickson left disgusted by aggravated burglary

Alliance East Antrim MLA Stewart Dickson has said he is disgusted by an aggravated burglary of a woman in her 60s in Larne. The woman was left shaken but uninjured after the incident, which took place in the Pound Street area of the town around 11pm yesterday (Thursday). A female with a knife forced her way into the property and demanded money. The woman took a sum of cash and left in the direction of Meetinghouse Street. "This was a disgusting and vicious incident, made all the worse by the use of a weapon," said Mr Dickson. "My thoughts are with the woman who was subjected to this traumatic ordeal. People in Larne will be shocked by this burglary, which was incredibly disturbing. "I

Dickson Calls for Liberalisation of Licensing Laws at Easter

More needs to be done to liberalise our licensing laws around Easter, Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said. The East Antrim MLA said a change to the laws here was long overdue, meaning Northern Ireland could be losing out on tourism and hospitality business, particularly when compared to the Republic of Ireland. “This week, the Irish Government made moves to lift the ban on the sale of alcohol on Good Friday that will see the start of liberalisation of laws in relation to that. That will attract more tourists and hospitality businesses, who will see the south as an attractive destination in line with what they enjoy elsewhere. “There is an understandable need to balance support for tourism,

Stewart Dickson: Rape Clause a Consequence of Failure

"Two weeks ago, without any debate or vote in Westminster, an amendment was added to an existing law. The amendment dubbed the “rape clause” means that from today (Thursday), new mothers will have to verify if they have been raped if they wish to claim tax credits for more than two children. "The policy will come into force on 6 April. It will restrict tax credit entitlement for new claimants to a maximum of two children. There will be a small number of exceptions to the restriction. One exemption being women who can show their third or subsequent child were conceived as a result of rape. "And this is the problem. Women will be forced to prove that their third or subsequent child was conceiv

Dickson Welcomes Elder Abuse Response Helpline

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has welcomed news a service designed to help anyone concerned about the abuse of an older person is to be launched in the near future. The Elder Abuse Response Helpline will see a team of dedicated volunteers take calls from those worried about an older person being harmed or abused. “As a society, we are judged by how we treat and protect our weakest members. We cannot accept the abuse or harm of anyone, particularly our elderly, who are often unable to report such incidents themselves,” said East Antrim MLA Mr Dickson. “This helpline will be of assistance to give information, support and advice for those who believe abuse may be occurring, while referring them

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