Dickson Appalled at Reduction in Bus Services to Local Hospitals in Antrim

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, is appalled to hear that the Translink 218 and 219 bus services are to cease to service the Antrim Area and Causeway hospitals. Mr Dickson commented: “This is very disappointing for the rural residents of East Antrim and greater Antrim. With the removal of the hospital stops, patients, visitors to the hospital and staff will find it exceedingly more difficult to get to the hospital. “North Coast Community Transport have informed me, that while offering some small relief, the charity has inadequate funding to aid all the people who will suffer as a result of the cessation of the bus services to the hospitals. “Translink receives over £60 million in G

Dickson Gets Answer to Complaints About Traffic Backing Up at Trooperslane and Says Safety Comes Fir

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has investigated the situation following several complaints and clarifies issues surrounding difficulties arising at Trooperslane Rail Crossing. ​ Mr Dickson said: “I have received a detailed reply from Translink as to why occasionally there are lengthy queues at this particular section of the line. The crossing, installed a few years ago, is a Manually Controlled Barrier (MCB) which I understand, is the safest option on the network. It is designed to encourage road users to be cautious and safe when crossing over the railway. ​ “Traffic does back up onto the B90 but what happens with this type of barrier is that a signaller will receive an audible

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